Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

Where’d you come up with the name Mondo?

Mondo means “world” in Italian. There’s variations of it in most of the other romance languages. Todd and I chose it because we felt it best represented the styles of beer we brew, our collective experiences around the world, our influences coming from so many different cultures, and because it sounds cool. It rolls off the lips with ease, and connects me to my Italian heritage.

I heard the equipment was first used on the International Space Station…

No, it wasn’t. It is a shiny brewery crafted from Sheffield steel in a little town in Eastern Hungary. It’s a 10hl brewhouse. We double brew a lot of our beers into 20hl fermenters. We have 10 of those. There are 3 10hl fermenters for seasonal and experimental batches. The brewery space in Battersea is limited, but there’s just enough space for a small amount of expansion in 2017.

The brewery was founded by Todd Matteson and Thomas Palmer (yours truly). We started as homebrewers before Al Gore discovered the internet in America. We both spent time doing other things for money, but committed ourselves to learning the brewing trade on a professional level. We met in London in 2013. We put our first beer in the tank on Stewart’s Road in March of 2015.

While researching equipment manufacturers we met our first outside investor. We were introduced to another investor through him, and soon the business was bricks and mortar. Early on we picked up a salesman that missed his chance at professional boxing and a Northern boy that no one quite understands. We bought the outside investors’ shares in early 2017. We are debt averse and prefer organic, slow growth in our immediate market to rapid global expansion.

What kinds of beers do y’all do?

We mostly make balanced, complex, and interesting session strength beers. While many of our beers fall into well-defined categories, we also make amalgamations that don’t abide by distinct guidelines. Likewise, we make a range of 6 to 10% abv ales and lagers throughout the year.

We brew for season (Maibock, Marzen, Saison, Wheat Beers, etc) and we brew what we fancy (IIPAs, Rauchbier, collaborations, etc) as often as we like. We started with just 4 styles bottled and all beers available in keg, but we’ve outgrown that approach. We now release many of our seasonal and experimental beers in bottle and soon enough we will offer our beers in cans. The names are often in jest, the result of some bizarre conversation in the brewery or over a beer in the Tap House.

The Mondo Tap House offers visitors the opportunity to experience the full range of core beers, seasonals and our experimental pilot batches. On occasion we open the doors between the brewery and the Tap House, crank up the music, and celebrate birthdays, beery holidays, and the arrival of friends from around the world.