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26 Nov

November Newsletter

November Newsletter

New releases. Showcased at Taste Of London Festival and available in keg and bottle now at our Tap House, we welcome the return of Coco Loco (6%) and the arrival of Boys II The Yard (7%).

As the winter nights close in, think yourself warm with our tropical, smoked coconut porter. The combination of Beechwood-smoked malt and British hops serves as a perfect base, with the beer then conditioned at cold temperatures atop fresh toasted coconut, infusing all that flavour.

Milkshake? Yes, milkshake. Our brewers made use of non-fermentable lactose (milk sugar), and because yeast won’t eat this sugar, the beer retains sweetness and body, giving it that ‘milkshake’ mouthfeel. Balance this with apples, cinnamon, goji berries and vanilla, then secondary ferment the beer on yellow peaches and you’ve got a highly drinkable, fruity beer. That’s without mentioning the huge amount of hops added for flavour and aroma. The ingredients list for this beer really needed a bigger bottle. Proudly brewed in collaboration with Jing-A Brewing Co. and Dudda’s Tun.

Two contrasting styles, two finely balanced beers. Enjoy fresh.

Collaboration. This week we welcomed John, of J. Wakefield, and his daughter Teagan to the brewery for an exciting collaboration. They were also the first addition to our collaboration wall. Keep an ear to our socials for more info on that beer. It might just be a big one.

Maine Beer Box. At the beginning of the month, Todd pushed himself to his jet lag limits and made a quick round trip to Portland, Maine. A custom-built, 40ft refrigerated shipping container, the Maine Beer Box boasts 78 beer taps, utilised for the global exchange of beer between brewers and the city of Maine. On the back of the Beer Box being present at Leeds International Beer Festival in September, Mondo, amongst others from the UK, were honoured to be invited over. Our beer was also pouring at the legendary MAPS and The Thirsty Pig, as part of Portland Beer Week.

Venn St Market. We’ll be returning to our favourite local market in December, down on Clapham’s Venn St. Come peruse the fine produce with a glass of Mondo beer in hand. They’ve got a great vegan section too.

Saturday 1st December, 10am – 4pm.
Saturday 15th December 10am – 4pm.

We’ll be pouring great draught beer, with merchandise, 6-packs and Christmas gift packs also available to buy.

Newbie Corner. The only shameless plug you’re likely to see on here. I’m Tom Harrison, the new Events & Marketing Manager for Mondo. That’s now three Toms in the business, which is proving so difficult in the office, we’ve resorted to surnames already. I’m all about making great beer accessible and inclusive, building the profile of this great brewery, while helping you loyal customers enjoy the party. I look forward to meeting you over a beer soon.

(Yes, that is me pinching my beer jowels so I look more chiseled.)

Mondo Brewing Company.