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20 Mar

Lead Brewer Wanted!

Lead Brewer Wanted!

Interested in joining a fast-growing, Central London-based craft brewery? Mondo Brewing Company is currently seeking an experienced brewer to join our team!
A brewing diploma is preferred, but not absolutely necessary for a successful candidate showing proficient knowledge in brewing science. Attention to detail, a high level of organizational skills, and cleanliness and tidiness are a must.
Duties include:

Wort production
Counter-pressure kegging and bottling
CIP (packaging equipment, hardpipes, CCVs, BBTs, Brewhouse, etc.)
Cellar management
Yeast propagation and laboratory analysis
Quality Assurance / Quality Control
Attending brewery promotional events, meet the brewer nights, brewery tours, etc.

Required Qualifications
3+ years of experience in a production brewery
Ability to follow SOPs and other documentation to produce a consistent, high quality product
Ability to work independently
Ability to think critically and react swiftly and appropriately to changing conditions
Ability to work safely with chemicals and other workplace hazards according to safety protocols
Ability to work well in a team and encourage positive morale
Ability to lift 42kg kegs
Ability to operate fork lift

Desired Qualifications
Formal Brewing Education
Mechanical background, ability to maintain and make small repairs to equipment
Raw Materials Prep (milling, hop scaling, etc…)
Wort Production (full brewhouse operation)
Brewing Log Record Keeping

Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications.

Please send all resumes with a cover letter to