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9 Aug

July News

July News

We kicked off July with the release of The Unicorn Whisperer – our 9% DIPA brewed with huge amounts of fresh pineapple and mango. Trust us, this brew was FUN! Big fresh fruit aromas combine with the fresh aromatic notes from a huge triple dry-hopping of Amarillo, Citra, Galaxy & Mosaic. While we were kicking around ideas for this beer, we alighted on the fantastic work of Jim’ll Paint It. Based in Bristol, this unique artist creates artwork solely using MS Paint, and will paint pretty much anything you request. So, Robert Redford whispering in the ear of a Unicorn seemed pretty much perfect for this beer! Kegs have long-since gone, but there’s a few cases still squirrelled away in our brewery.

Next up in the release schedule was a double-whammy of two more summery juice-bombs of beers. Juice Crew was our fastest-ever selling beer – a summery blast of Mosaic, Galaxy & Pacifica. This 5.1% APA was brewed with a little wheat to give a hazy appearance and a rounded mouthfeel, but this little banger was our first true foray into a super-low bitterness APA, made for sessions in sunny pub gardens. It’s all left the brewery, but you may see a keg or two around London if you keep your eyes peeled!

Then, on the horizon came the shadow of something big….something huge and scary….step forward Green Monstah, our new New England IPA. Brewmaster Tom Palmer’s baby, he brewed this beast with loads of wheat, oats and lactose to create a smooth & thick body. Zero bittering hops in the boil was offset by relentless, massive dry-hopping – 10 grams per litre in fact! Amarillo, Citra and Ekuanot hops push through a big, fruity, mellow hop character. This 7.2% NE IPA is an unfined & dangerously-sessionable beer, and we’ve been thrilled with the great response we’ve had from our drinkers.

Completely the July hop-marathon, this week sees the release of Green Monstah’s NE IPA cousin. Step forward Director Todd’s creation…Hop Chowdah! Todd’s a Connecticut boy, so this beer brought a little tear of down-home nostalgia to his eye as he brewed this lactose-free NE IPA. 6.9% ABV, jammed with wheat and oats in the brew for a big, thick body. Dry-hopped relentlessly with Enigma and Mosaic, again at 10 grams per litre, we can’t wait to roll this little beauty out. For those lactose-intolerant amongst you, here’s your chance to drink a big thick NE IPA without paying the…ahem..price…later on!

Unfortunately Green Monstah, Unicorn Whisperer and Juice Crew sold out so fast, there’s only one place you’re able to find all three brews (plus Hop Chowdah) on keg..the Mondo Brewing Company taphouse! Come on down & see which one’s your favourite.

Cheers! Check back soon to hear what Tom Palmer got up to on his recent trip to Japan….

Tom, Todd & the Mondo mandem.