Hop Chowdah New England IPA

Hop Chowdah New England IPA

This beauty returns for a second iteration! We were so pleased with this lactose-free NE IPA when we brewed it over the summer, that it's making a welcome return to our Seasonal lineup. It'll be available in bottle AND keg this time, though supplies will be limited. It's a huge, hazy NE IPA with loads of wheat & oats in the grist to give a lovely thick body. Enigma & Mosaic hops are added initally in the Whirpool, before being triple-dryhopped at 10 grams per litre....the result is a sensational aroma & juicy hop character, hung off a thick, pale malt body with plenty of depth. The brainchild of Todd, our Connecticut-riased Director, this is as thick as a bowl of New England Chowder, and just as satisfying!

  • Bitterness

  • Maltiness

  • Aroma

  • Colour

  • 6.9%