Harder, Bitter, Faster, Stronger – SOLD OUT

Harder, Bitter, Faster, Stronger – SOLD OUT

Created by our Lead Brewer Joseph Bevan.
"As a Yorkshire man - the bitter goes beyond just another style. It’s living heritage, malty pride and a familiar friend after a frost-bitten day on the fells. So when crafting Harder, Bitter, Faster, Stronger I wanted to carry that memory forward – so pitching classic Yorkshire 1469 yeast was never in doubt. However micro-brewing is born to explore new beery terrain. So I twisted tradition and threw some Munich malt from Bambergs’ Weyermanns in the tun– adding a smoked bread & biscuit foundation with plenty of Torrified Maize on top for a chewy toffee fizz. Ta!"

  • Bitterness

  • Maltiness

  • Aroma

  • Colour

  • 4.7%