Global Heresy v3 – Sour Cherry Ale

Global Heresy v3 – Sour Cherry Ale

Our third annual collaboration with Heretic Brewing Company, CA, is here!

We welcomed Jamil Zainasheff over to Mondo Brewing Co a couple of months back, and this is the result of our endeavours. Jamil's one of the most experienced and knowledgable brewers working globally - Heretic were a big influence on us when we started.

This year we've brewed a super-light & spritzy Berliner Weisse - Pilsen & Wheat malts in the grist, hopped with Hallertau, and conditioned for three weeks on sour cherries, this beer is slightly tart, fruity & pours a beautiful light cerise with a strawberry mousse. A very light body belies it's complexity, and ushers in the first of our summer seasonal range.

  • Bitterness

  • Maltiness

  • Aroma

  • Colour

  • 3.6%