Big Slice IPA

Big Slice IPA

At the end of August, we welcomed our friends from Jing-A Brewing Company, Beijing, to Mondo for a collaborative brew, and they brought with them a very special ingredient...

Chen Pi (陈皮) is sun-dried Mandarin orange peel - a traditional Chinese cooking ingredient - with subtle and nuanced flavours of warm spice and bitter Orange pith. We brewed with Extra Pale malt, Wheat, Oats and Dextrose to give a full body with plenty of haze, added Chen Pi into the whirlpool with the first hop additions of Citra, Amarillo & Vic Secret, and the Chen Pi work it's magic.
To balance out the bright, bitter notes from all the hops and Chen Pi, we then added 25L of Watermelon juice concentrate post-fermentation. Giving a boost of fruity sweetness to balance out the Mandarin peel, the result is an exceptionally well-balanced IPA with an incredible flavour profile - and a true marriage of East & West Craft brewing!

  • Bitterness

  • Maltiness

  • Aroma

  • Colour

  • 6.6%